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In the last article, we discovered the [7 signs to know if you are experiencing Burn out] If you have experienced or been close to getting burnout, you know that it creeps up on you slowly, when you least expect it. Burnout is all-consuming; your passion for business or work dwindles, you lose creativity, you are tired, anxious and worn out all the time.

There are seasons in our businesses or work when we get busy and if we are not intentional in taking good care of ourselves, we may come down crashing and not be productive thereafter. In this article, I share 5 ways that you can avoid getting burnout and if you feel you are experiencing burnout, how you can bounce back.

Perhaps a part of us actually believes that being busy is a good thing. It allows us to tell other people we’re not idle. That we have “a life”. We have things to do, we’re important, we’re needed. Busy equals success in our minds. For many people, this busyness has become a state of being that is a “sickness”. Some are even calling it a disease, or rather a dis-ease. A state that puts us out ease. When we’re out of ease, we become stressed. And stress can lead to a laundry list of health concerns most people would like to avoid.

“While burnout obviously has something to do with stress, overdoing things, not being centred, and not listening to yourself or your body, one of the deepest contributors to burnout, I believe, is the deep disappointment of not living up to your true calling, which is to help.”

― Jenn Bruer

  1. Take an inventory of your busy life. What is filling up your busyness? What is on your plate? Does it really need to be? How effective is it really? Do you enjoy it? Why are you really doing it? Write it all down on a piece of paper and determine what activities you could eliminate. What would be the impact of eliminating one or two things on the list? While you might forego something you think is important, would there be an equal or greater benefit to not doing it? Once you take your inventory, be prepared to share it with others in your life and let them know you are going to be making some changes. Be prepared that not everyone will agree with you. Stick to your new plan and try it for 30 days.
  2. Be present amongst the chaos. While you have a lot on your plate, try to focus on what is right in front of you rather than thinking about the next thing. Present, not future. If you find you have a lot to get through in a day, take each thing as it comes and keep breathing through it. Let your breath be a reminder to your mind to stay present. It takes practice to train your mind to stay in the present, but give it a try. At least while you are busy being busy, you can be breathing and keeping your body in a more relaxed state.
  3. Focus on what you do best and what you enjoy most. Stop trying to be everything and do everything. Determine what you really need to be doing and do that. If you’re in business for yourself, figure out your unique skills and talents, and focus on what you do best rather than trying to do things that really are not your natural skill set. This is about honing in on what you are really good at and what you enjoy and leaving the rest to someone else. In your personal life, it might mean giving up some things that even though you think they are important or even fun, they don’t ultimately lead to more peace and pleasure.
  4. Get someone to do stuff you don’t like to do and free up time to do things only you can do. Hire some help or intern, even for one hour a week, it makes a lot of difference, so you have time to do what matters to build the business.
  5. Be relentless with scheduled time off If you are playing all the roles at work, business or home, you may not have some time off, you may be away from the office but are often distracted by emails, messages or social media.

Schedule some time away from work, a time when you are not focused on work mentally and physically. Take a walk, read a book, without feeling like you have left something behind. Put it in your calendar and prioritize what you put in there.

Start somewhere, you will get distracted at first but keep it in the calendar and learn to commit to it. Creating consistency is key! Be intentional with what you say “Yes” to and more importantly “No” to Be intentional with what you bring into your life. If it doesn’t give you joy and happiness say ‘No’. When you say ‘No’ it opens up space for someone else to say ‘Yes’ because it is something that brings them joy and happiness and within their zone of genius.

Having boundaries does not mean being snobbish, it is just teaching people how to treat us. People can’t read our minds; we need to speak up! Remember you are a human being, not a human doing. You are not meant to go 24-7 at 100 miles per hour. You are not a machine. Your body needs to refuel. Your mind needs to rest. Sometimes it’s the rest and the non-busyness that scares us. We wonder what we’ll find out about ourselves if we slow down. Keep in mind, anything that frightens us is usually worth investigating and you might discover something
new about yourself.

Are you in at crossroads wondering if this is all there is to life? Are you ready to give up the overwhelm, the burnout and start thriving?

Are you experiencing low energy and fatigue, poor sleep, busy-ness and procrastination, digestive issues or even unexplained weight gain? These could be signs of burn-out and stress. It is not a pleasant way to live every day doing the things you love.

Are you ready?

Imagine, waking up every day with confidence, excitement, and zeal, and a clear mind to go for your dreams and goals? Wouldn’t this be a great way to begin the new year 2020?

I’d love to help!

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