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Our Online Group program is for the busy female high achiever and is purely conducted virtually. It is designed to be inviting, high impact, results-oriented and joyful to help busy women professionals create sustainable healthy habits and lifestyle tactics. The online group setting is an atmosphere of support working with others towards similar goals.

The program is interactive and consists of teaching, support and coaching, with a group of maximum 6 like-minded individuals.

Each participant begins by determining what they want to achieve and then creates a detailed plan to achieve it, according to personal pace preferences, and priorities.

SHIFT combines proven coaching tools with the power of group support and accountability to help participants create their own success.

This Program has been designed to help you to create a life you love, full of energy and vitality. No matter what challenge you’re facing right now, with the guidance, expert advice and support you’re going to experience in the program, you can create a SHIFT towards a healthier, empowered life.

If you’re tired of quick fixes or solutions that don’t fit your lifestyle, or you simply want to create a healthy life that brings you energy for years to come, then this SHIFT Program is for you.

Upon sign up, we’ll set up a one on one coaching session, where we’ll go over your detailed health and lifestyle history and the program’s strategy for you for the next 6 weeks. Through your group coaching sessions, I’ll take you through the core steps to create a healthy lifestyle without struggle or overwhelm.





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