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Imagine waking up, without hitting the snooze button, without feeling like you did not sleep enough every night? Is your business or career struggling because you do get enough rest? Do you often lack clarity in decision making?

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Do you struggle to fall asleep and when you do, you get your sleep disrupted easily, only to wake up exhausted?

Do you wake up feeling cranky and out of sorts and having trouble doing your best work at your job, you snap at your kids, staff or co-workers?

And, you’ve found ways to cope, like drinking coffee and eating sugary snacks in the afternoon, or alcohol?

Do you often get headaches? Are you prone to colds and flu?




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So how do I enroll?

The first step is to sign up here and take pride in the fact that you’re about to do something BIG for your life.

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The program begins on 22nd June 2020, when you will receive the first module.

Dates for the live sessions will be communicated via email. Please remember to white list my email address nkeriri@impactpoint360.com so that you do not miss out on any communication.

Dates for the personal coaching sessions will also be schedules with the participants directly.


Payment Process

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is Lack of sleep getting in your way?

  • Get to bed and have a restful sleep and wake up rested
  • Be in good spirits and have energy to do your work
  • Consistently get a good night’s sleep to improve your immunity
  • Have productive days without procrastinating due to constant fatigue
  • Your business to thrive and grow
  • To make a difference in the society with what you do
  • Know your sleeping habits are silently robbing you off your health, your beauty, your day-to-day functioning, your energy levels, your emotional balance or maybe even cutting off your life?
  • Are loosing business and you know it because you do not have a clear mind or energy.
  • Waking up upset that it is morning and you generally have slow and unproductive mornings

You keep brushing off sleep as a non-issue but lack of a good night rest is COSTING YOU MONEY



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Restful sleep is one of the foundations of good health, yet many of us have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeping soundly.

Stress tops the list of sources of sleep problems from clients.

Studies also show that lack of sleep increases stress and anxiety. Poor sleep makes us more vulnerable to the symptoms of anxiety.

In most cases, we reach for quick fixes to help us when we have troubled sleep, but they are band aid approaches and don’t get to the root of the problem.


Getting the right amount of restful sleep will improve every aspect of your life, your decision making, your emotional well-being, your productivity, Your weight, and even your relationships

Getting enough sleep is imperative for energy and health. No matter how much we work to balance our lives, if we are lacking in enough sleep, we may suffer from unwanted symptoms and feel generally unwell.


Now is the time to get back your much deserved sleep and achieve your full potential


Optimize your Sleep, Supercharge your Life program is the solution to get your sleep and life back.


Sleep and sparkle Program offers you a 6 week step by step approach to get your sleep and full life back to reach your full potential.


During this 6 weeks, you will:-

  • – Learn why we sleep and the science behind sleep and our overall body and life performance. 

  • – Uncover what could be hurting your sleep and learn quick tips and strategies that can lead to better sleep. Plus discover ways to improve your sleep and how to adapt to changes that support your sleep and life. 

  • – Know Your Well-Being: Determine exactly what your individual personality, body type and chronotype type require to be fueled, filled-up and nourished so you can run your business and life in alignment with your authentic needs and soul desires. 

  • – How to manage Stress and anxiety with Ease: Master strategies and tools to go from stressed and spaced out to calm, peaceful and present so you can keep moving forward and remain productive and profitable.

  • -Learn how to improve your mindset to Revamp your business, career and life.

  • – Learn how to improve your mindset to Revamp your business, career and life


Curious how this program works

Sleep and Sparkle is a 6-week program that includes the following:-

  • Weekly Self-study modules to progressively walk you through the approaches to better sleep and life.
  • Weekly live sessions on Zoom to dig deeper into the modules
  • Two power-packed personal Coaching Sessions to support you on your overall wellness journey. We’ll identify what challenges are standing in your way and how to overcome them week by week. I’ll answer any questions you have and provide you the support to reach your goals, step-by-step.
  • A private Facebook group to ask any questions and share material on better sleep.
  • Peer accountability to ensure you achieve your desired goals for this program to supercharge your life



Who’s your coach?

Hey, I’m Nellie Kinyanjui, a certified Wellness Coach and Wellness 360TM Leader with the International Association for Wellness Professionals.   I’ve got 15 years of expertise in the Kenyan Healthcare sector, both in public and private sector where I managed strategy formulation and implementation for a leading health financing State Corporation with over Kshs. 2 billion of monthly revenue and worked for an NGO leading in mobile innovations for inclusive healthcare. 

I’m totally passionate about wellness and overall well-being. I empower individuals on effective sleep and stress management hence increase their daily optimum productivity and self-confidence.  With an added benefit of taking into account how all areas of one’s life impact overall wellbeing and success.

It’s my goal and the goal to help people create healthy and meaningful lifestyle changes that improve mindset, reduce stress and burn out, and give you more time to do what you love at home and in your professional life. That way you enjoy less burn out and more bliss.

I first became interested in holistic health and wellness about 8 years ago when one day, after a series of sleepless nights and headaches, a concerned pharmacist decided to check my blood pressure. He was shocked that I was still functioning with incredibly high blood pressure. I quickly realized that I was going down a familiar dangerous path in my family’s health history, I didn’t know who to trust (as you might feel right now) and started following advice that in hindsight was misleading.

I realized I was being misled when I was told I needed to be put on medication, which I later learnt if I started would have been for a lifetime.

And it wasn’t just theoretical. The proof was in the pudding. As my own first client “I put these methods to the test and I restored my energy, the headaches stopped, I got better sleep and I lost 5 kilos in 10 weeks”. I was able to show up daily with vibrancy and authenticity to do what I love.

I was thrilled with these results, but knew I wasn’t done. I continued to refine my approach to restoring energy, stopping recurring headaches and improving while guiding other people through my system. The results were incredible… they were energetic, slept better and also the headaches stopped all while enjoying making lifestyle changes that were not depriving them.

I now want to help you do the same!